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A Bit of History: The Carson Building, Series 1

In the upcoming weeks a series of five posts will provide a little history about what or who Tahoe Beach & Ski Club’s buildings are named after.  Not only will you know the history of our building names but you will also learn a little about Lake Tahoe and surrounding areas!

Let’s start at the front of the property for this first post:  The Carson buidling.  John C. Frémont and Christopher “Kit” Carson, were the first European Americans to arrive in Eagle Valley during an 1843 exploration.  Frémont had named the river that flowed through this valley after Kit Carson.  Kit Carson was hired only after Frémont could not locate another well-known guide by the name of Andrew S. Drips.  (Who knows, this first building could have been named Drips instead of Carson!)

Christopher Kit Carson was not only known for his guide and trapping expertise.  After several years of guiding on 3 more expeditions with Frémont, he served in the Mexican War where he carried messages through enemy territory to and from the Southwest and Washington.

In 1854 he became the agent for several Southwestern tribes, trying to keep the peace and fair treatment of Native Americans.  Come 1861, Carson was appointed as lieutenant colonel during the Civil War.  He continued to hold assignments in the West until he quit the army in 1867.  He died in 1868.

Thanks to the fascination of  the West with the American public, Frémont’s reports on Christopher Kit Carson’s adventures became wildly exaggerated and made him a famous household name!